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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Mr Stransky

Package received -LOVE the flick book!!!

Oh, to avoid confusion NOT Ward's Bat but this one (red): 


  1. I'm glad you liked the flick-book - I did quite a few some years back but thought they had all been taken by students or binned. If I find anymore, I'll send them on. Glad the package got to you and that it was intact. Notes; I'll get on with some BAT stuff ASAP. You are a genius for foreseeing movie and comic related things which others miss - don't hide your light under a bushel. If you see it - call it. Cos-play, too. It is a 'happy' free-for-all at the moment... but comics ITSELF needs to understand that cos-players are a reflection of the culture it has created. A few years ago ( if I remember rightly ) there was a fight at the Bristol convention between a panelist and a 'masked' fan... an altercation that needed the police brought in ? This, sadly, is the ethos of comics. That the fantasy can replace reality - with no penalty.... hell...we get rewarded with publicity, right ? Ah. Student arrived. Back to work.

  2. Yes. THAT Bristol event. All lovingly captured on video. Opinion seems to be that it was all a put on. I remember two much better staged 'fights' one at a Westminster Comic mart and the other at a UKCAC -two costumed characters burst out and fight each other to promo a comic or small play....not the slightest bit of attention paid by anyone...except by me. Laughing at the inanity of it all. Must remember "flick book" has another meaning these days!! BUT any art you WANT to ensure stays in existence send it along--it can go in the Dilworth box!