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Friday, 29 August 2014

September 2014 In Marvel Comics Will Be April 2015...but...only in...two titles???

Hickman's Avengers and New Avengers will be skipping forward eight months but no one is sure if that's "Marvel Universe Time" or "Publisher Time"!  Oh,  and then those titles will be staying there while the rest of the Marvel Universe  catches up in April 2015 for the "Times Out Event."

This is what the fans are talking about. In fact, I find it hard to believe or understand just what the confusion is.  Avengers and New Avengers of September 2014 will be set in April 2015.  Every other title of September will be set in September (schedule).

 "Publisher Time" or "Universe Time"???  Uh, that makes no sense. Not unless Disney has discovered time travel and gone ahead, printed and brought back comics from the future.  It's Marvel Disney Comics Universe time. Avengers and New Avengers WILL BE SET IN APRIL 2015 and ALL OTHER TITLES WILL BE SET IN THEIR CURRENT PUBLISHING SCHEDULE.

Got it?

Yes, it is a feckin great mess but all those "Yous" out there....look, I explained it all here:

So, I put all of this to one of the few 'Marvel' Comics fans I could find and his reaction was.....

I rest my case.

And it looks like the Marvel Movie Universe may be following the comics crap. Chris Evans contract for three Captain America movies is almost up and there are VERY strong rumours that a black actor will be taking on the Captain America mantle -apparently there have been try-outs.

Reaction so far? I refer you to the face above.


  1. Yes, well... I agree with the baby ( is that Mike ? )... and it would, indeed, have to be someone that innocent to be surprised by the big two taking peoples' money. It's what they've always done. FGSake. Independent comics - made and published for a small area - that is the only way forward for comics. Because only people with passion will bother... and those that buy will be really interested in what happens in the stories. Anyway. I'm off to a class.

  2. NO. That's a random internet baby. The face seemed to say it all. I think Kostenbraunstar in his video on reboots says it all. He is now buying Independents which he thought he would NEVER do. Some might argue Image is not an independent but.....

  3. ...a random internet baby... that's a pretty cool title for a short story. ( And I didn't really think it was Mike - he's all grown up now... I thought it was David Cameron.) Hey ! I mentioned it once before - I'll do so again - if any of the work still exists from the VALIANT THEY WERE comcis - send it to me for inking ! That Steel Commandoes/ Hurricane cover with their big fists just screams out for some inking !
    I gotta ink, man ! I gotta ink !! I think I can say ( with some 'pride' ) that the job I did on Runestone was pretty good (- and Chronos wasn't bad... ) so throw me a bone ! Anyway... I'll get back to work and try and do some BAT afore I sleep.... night. As for Mr. Kostenbraunstar - he's right. But he's only pointing out the obvious. Independents - real independents doing it locally with small print runs geared to the 'local' area will be the 'next' big boys. I kid you not.

  4. Yeah I just come up with this stuff. I should really have taken that job in advertising but at the interview the boss did ask: "This is going to be about using words to hook and sell to people. Do you have a problem with slightly bending the truth?" which he changed later to "telling a lie". My response wasn't what he wanted. Valiant They Were was the book title, which the bosses at IPC/Fleetway(Egmont) loved. The actual story title was "Looking Glass" total 112 inked pages. I'm guessing that second package hasn't gotten to you yet!! Oh, and most people who've only bothered with Marvel and DC call Dark Horse (!) and Image "Independents" BECAUSE they are not Marvel or DC. At the moment, though, I am really teetering on surrendering and not doing comics after Green Skies (IF) when done.

  5. No. Haven't got the second package yet. I'm still doddling around with the 'Red' BAT (how's that?- the only problem is, I don't like the idea of a red BAT ! ) As for not doing comics after Green Skies - don't say that ! Making comics is one of lifes small pleasures. Sitting at a table and slowly making the ideas in your head make some kind of sense on paper is one of the few reasons I'm still sane !
    Anyway - it was nice of you to put the 'Sherlock Holmes' up for Subzero. The poor bugger. Fucked around by the system - literally. "Sorry, we don't know what we're doing - and you're going to suffer for it. Oh, you're good enough to work for us but not good enough to be employed by us as a real job." WTF. Subzero should look up his rights according to unemployment law in Germany - it's all available in the library. It's the only way I knew what was going on with me - and my situation, anyway. That's enough of that.

  6. Don't make him red. I'm wondering whether it was just to add a bit of colour to a reprinted b&w strip -red seems to have been used a lot for this.
    After moving books around til 1am I am too shattered to do much else.

  7. Rest. After you do too much you suffer for it the next day, you know ?
    A quick English Haiku I made about two years ago;
    Title; for the wicked

    man, sleeping shattered on his bed,
    dreams of

    not my best - but sometimes it's appropriate.
    better, and more cynical Title: Pale Roses Love me only/ when/ you've broken my heart

    Well, time to bugger off. I'll try and get something done.....

  8. hmm. You're a Gold Belt Haiku. Is that the one where you wear the mask and hit judges over the head with thick bamboo sticks or am I confused again....?