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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Will There Be A Sub-Mariner Movie? Apparently NO.

Interesting.  Apparently three well known bloggers and a well known vlogger were talking to people from Marvel Studious at SDCC.  Casually one blogger said "When will we know if there's gonna be a Sub-Mariner film for sure?"  Marvel man: "There won't be -we don't have the film rights"

Now, someone from the Marvel team "glowered" at this man and whispered something.  The first man then says: "Marvel owns film rights to all its characters and we rule nothing out!"

Uh, X-Men? Marvel own the film rights? No. I think we've covered that here before.

So Marvel confusion as always.  Maybe not. The first Marvel man later got into a lift with the bloggers and said "Sorry about that. He's from Disney. Don't say anything but no, no Sub-Mariner movie."

So, shall we call this blogger "Ken"?  Anyway, Ken sends this to me in an email and I replied that that was a good news snippet considering all the talk about a Sub-Mariner movie going on and how people are raising prices on books, etc., based on that rumour. I tell him to let me have the link when he publishes the story.

No. Apparently all these stalwart "comic bloggers" decided that if they say anything they might not get any Marvel snippets in future.  Let's make this clear: they would only hear what everyone else hears -no advance press release. These people also BUY their comics -they do not get Marvel freebies!

So, just to make sure you do not get ripped off buying Sub-Mariner comics because that's to be the next big movie....

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