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Monday, 25 August 2014

More Value Than Any Other Blog....

Okay, folks. I've been posting my bum off this weekend so it's now Monday, 2th August and 19:43 hrs. I'm tired. Fed up. Go read.


  1. And indeed I did read. The Steve the horse piece was wonderful. as was the William McCail piece - his brother drew TNT Tom as well as Captain Comet ?....Aha ! I do love to see art on the blog - especially the older stuff. The Sub-Mariner cover was nice - but the Steve strips were wonderful ! Well... back to work. Take a well earned rest, Terry, I'll try and send a short letter in the next couple of days with a couple of bits in it just for fun. Seeya.

  2. I have two of the Come On Steve books -and Bonzo books- and they are lovely. The animated shorts are quite fun but I don't think the dvd is available any more. Pity. John McCail also did the Boy Fish.