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Friday, 29 August 2014

Stuff You

Isn't it marvellous how, when you get a blog that is successful, all those people in comics who treated you like raw crap want to be added to your networks on things like Face Book or Linkedin?

Oh, cynics might say that way these people get their posts seen more easily.  Surely not?

Their chances of being added to my "networks"?  The same as Obama and Putin being caught out in a gay sex scandal.


  1. The gay sex scandal is actually possible.....
    I like the new heading to the UK's #1's very clear and dynamic. I only hope the ray thingy is not pointing over at Japan.... hmmm....on second thoughts....there are a few people I'd like to zap....

  2. Just say the word and I'll use the plas-transmuganic-inflictor ray on anyone. ANYONE!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA koff koff