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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Germany -YOUR Super Heroes Are Waiting!


  1. Yes, indeed, it is time for Germany to embrace its first true costumed superheroes.
    A quick aside- I recieved your package today ( just a few minutes ago, in fact ) and I was happily surprised to see the Independents book. It's a pity it's off the sales list. Although I am tooting my own horn here, I do like' the Job Interview'. Although I made it A6, the art still holds up reasonably at A4.
    Anyway - briefly. I looked through the comic strips and was surprised at Mr. Apollo... he looks like Marvel Man! SHAZAM ! & Captain Comet's art is so similar to TNT Tom, I wonder if the artist is the same... still... an interesting story. SuperHeroes # 2 perhaps ? Anyways, got to go. I'll talk to you in a bit - I'm trying to get some BAT work done for Chains of Hell. What do we call this BAT anyway ? There's Ward's BAT - McQueen's BAT - and ??? BAT .... as for Mr Apollo's BAT... don't sweat it. Like others he's just a flash in the pan BAT.... an acro-BAT. What a terrible pun that was ! I'm back to work. Bye.

  2. Student's a bit late, just inked your 'Me GARA - Jungle Lord !' at the bottom of the letter. It looks pretty good... though I changed the worm to GoBo. Ooops - outtahere.

  3. I have ALL your old letters (I may be bluffing but---) and art. You publish it AND I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!! Sorry, just had my tablets. I meant to write: "Oh. Really?"

  4. Mr Apollo looks, as did Electro-Man, like Captain Marvel -the C.C. Beck Fawcett then DC comics character who was a BIGGER star than Superman which is why National pulled out all the stops to sue Fawcett! A little change in cape/collar and a pattern within the symbol ought to change him enough.
    Captain Comet (BEFORE DCs character of that name) was drawn by John McCail -brother of William (Back From The Dead) McCail. I think you'll find a note in my letter about how those guys WORKED for Swan. See, if we were around then Swan would have been MASSIVE (but we'd probably be dead now...hmm).
    Cross_Earths Caper (you've seen it?) Mr Bat, after that The Human Bat, then Wards Bat, then (McCail) Bat and the McQueen. I'm working on something to explain this so after I hear you have the other package I'll get to work!

  5. It might be useful for me/us to have a pictorial list of the continuing BAT characters so I can keep them straight in my head - if you would kindly ( dear sir ) just draw a sketch of the five BATS with rough active dates ( for example Ward's BAT is - I believe - 20's 30's then late 80's 90's (?) and post it on CBO ) so I can keep them in order. .... Mr.Apollo.... right.... that's right, I'd forgoten. Captain Marvel WAS more popular than Superman, wasn't he ? Now, that might be an interesting article for CBO 'cos people just don't know. The history of comics is far more interesting and stranger than anything going on right now ( rumours of rumours of blah...)

  6. I'll post it to you. I prefer NOT to post anything on CBO relating to work/business. There are thieves out there and there are trouble makers. Everything on CBO comments is public so...