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Sunday, 24 August 2014

That Spider-Woman Cover and The Baroness

 To put all the hullabaloo about "That" Spider Woman cover by Manara that "sexualised" the character, erm, well, a few comic sites that showed their disdain for that image actually are now showing photos of a model dressed as The Baroness from GI Joe.

This is from Comic Book Movie and there are other images of the model dressed like this. I'd say "sexualised"?  But, it seems, comic fans think Manara Bad Model With Big Boobies Good.


COSPLAY: Jenny Poussin As 'Baroness' From G.I. JOE

Hit the jump to see French Canadian fitness model and cosplayer, Jenny Poussin, dressed as the villainous 'Baroness' from G.I. Joe. She was portrayed by Siena Miller ("Layer Cake") in Stephen Sommers' live-action film, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

By nailbiter111
Baroness - G.I. Joe
Cosplayer: Jenny Poussin * Photographer: Sergio Rico


  1. Seeing as I posted pictures of Jenny Poussin in my last two posts I should probably comment on this but the whole thing seems blown out of proportion. Almost naked chicks + horny shut ins = money. Is this new ? I think not.

    But I have decided to post more pictures of Jenny as well as almost naked comic chicks just to show that I´m not biased any way. And maybe get some scandal on my blog going. What can I say ? I need more visitors. And I got no shame

  2. It was, I feel, either a promo attempt by Marvel or someone really needed people to visit their site and thought "ah -controversy!" I have seen FAR more explicit covers than this on comics. Like Manara says "Is that ALL you have to worry about?" Get those hits up, boy (I said "hits"!)