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Monday, 25 August 2014

Bye-Bye Face Book and my "Mad rant"

Someone has already mentioned this so, to avoid things being taken out of context by certain individuals, here is what I wrote:

"The absolute negativity in social media meant that I quit Twitter when it refused to do anything about horrific threats made towards prominent women. Never used it since. Face Book appears to be getting worse and worse and I gave it a break for a while.  Checking in today I've found very VERY nasty messages and so much negativity toward myself and others that I have decided to block the CBO auto messages to Face Book.  Also I am quitting Face Book. The internet and social media were supposed to improve our lives not create a hot spot for anonymous racist, sexist and xenophobic cowardly bastards. Goodbye."

THAT is what I wrote and nothing else. I guess the message is still there for anyone to check.

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