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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Stan Lee Says What????

"I created Comic Bits Online.  If Terry Hooper wants to consider himself co-creator then fine"


Why would my father say that?????

April Fool every----

August 28th?  What? I'm confused.  Did I create CBO or Stan Lee? Two can play that game.

I created Spider-Man.


What's going on?  Well, it's this or stick my finger in the electric toaster again.  The electric toaster hurt my finger.  I don't like touching the electric toaster.

I'm old.


  1. I should've known. Only the genius that is Stan Lee could make a blog like this.... mean it was just a joke ? Is that why he's giving me the finger ? I thought it was just the new fraternal Dis/vel ( read as 'dismal' ) hand gesture... a kinda Masonic thing, y'know ? Ah well....

  2. Well, I CAN mention Stan Lee. The trouble comes if you disagree with anything Alan Moore has said and then every screeching boy-girl comes out in hissy-fits and rather than responding to anything you've written (and because they don't need to defend Moore because he IS Moore) will scratch and kick at Stan Lee with wild accusations. So, in a way, Stan is fingering me and those people!

  3. OH GODS!!! NO! I never meant Stan was "fingering" me.....I meant "giving the finger"--that sounds as bad, doesn't it? Joan Rivers wrote this not me!!!!