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Friday, 8 August 2014


Now let me just get this feckin straight.  Two comic events have told me they have NOT listed me as a guest (even though I WAS going to them) because "Well, guests have to be involved in comics as creators or publishers -indie or mainstream" so I do not qualify?

BUT I have been publishing and working in comics over 30 years and as a professional I can vote in the Harvey Awards and others.  I'm on Lambiek and listed on over (non UK) comic data bases but I am NOT good enough to be listed as a guest?

I would LOVE to write something really strong here but this is a family safe site.

I'm the biggest publisher of Independent comics in the UK

WHY do I not want to bother any more with the UK scene?  Oh, and the organisers who wanted a favour in publicising their events on CBO?  **** off.


  1. Two comics events - who are these arse wipes ? Put their names up on CBO. Invitations and guest lists are at the discretion of the organizers, of course, but 'you have to be published in indie or mainstream to be a guest' - that's just an insult. That they don't know your work - okay..that they maynot like your work - fair enough.... but.that they don't recognize your work; that's just an insult. Fuckers like that are not interested in comics as a genre - just their own clique - clutch -brood- of like minded clones. Fuck them.

  2. Events? I have no idea what you mean. I said these people were dead to me and I mean it. Not giving them a single moments thought.