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Friday, 13 March 2015

A Friday Up-Date.....Because I Loves Ya (believe me?)

Apart from posts on the UK and British Golden Age comics blogs, I've made a couple more war-gaming buildings (as if you were interested!) and about 15 pages of art for The Green Skies.  But I thought I would check out what had been piquing your interests!

So, the CBO Top Ten Returns!!!!

1.  Titan Books -The Secret Service.

 This posting has not been out of the top five since first published and has been in the top position all week!

2. Lakes International Comic Art Festival

3. The Green Skies (promo)

4. Sir Terry Pratchett -obituary

5. Team Sputnik -online comic news

6. In Room Oblivion There Are Cupboards 

You are kidding me?  That item has not been out ogf the top ten since it was posted.  All you people around the world don't have messy rooms of your own???

7. A Chinese Language Posting

8.  Casterman: Le Reste du Monde

Proving yet again that there IS interest in French BD!

9. Titan Books -Lenore: Pink Bellies

10.  The Golden Age Of The British Small Press

Interestingly, the review I did of the Kick Ass 2 dvd goes in and out of the top ten all the time and only just got booted out of the no. 10 position.

Again, though, no real pattern showing just climbing viewing figures that have shot up again in the last week.   I think the view total (combined from CBO, Google+ and other sources)is well over three million and I would like to thank all of those visiting CBO -especially from outside which is the sites big bonus as combined the views out-do even those from the United States (which are high!).


Ahhh....if only Mylene Farmer, Alizee or Helen Fischer were amongst those fans!!

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