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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Affordable Amazement Catalogue

Affordable Amazement Catalogue #1
Fancy Butcher Press
Also available at Gosh! store London

Well, the contributors include -Tobias Tak, Paul O’Connell, the sensationally gifted slow hand of Bristol's top cred artist Paul Ashley Brown also Tanya Meditzk, Chanic, Lord Hurk (editor)

"Rather than building a comic anthology around a theme, this one is built around imaginary products. The concept is simple: contributors were asked to choose one ad from ‘the catalogue’ and feature the product in their story. Six ads were selected for the stories in issue 1: MASONIC BUFFOON RING, ROYAL WORSHIPPING FIGURINE, FREE LIFE-DRAWING CLASS, REALISTIC TOFF MASK, WORMS KIT, ONYX ROACH REPLICA."

"New stories! More characters! Bigger speech balloons! Get yours while supplies last!"

You see, what REALLY feck's me off as a reviewer are things like having a web site and even Face Book page where there is no more detail than I've quoted above.  Doesn't tell you how to order so good luck with " Get yours while supplies last!" and the cost?  Well, "£4.00" is what I'm told but, feck, they can't even put that on the web page so I'll go by what I hear.

Tobias Tak leads off the comic and you cannot really go wrong with Tobias Tak.   The rest of the contents are basic "zine fayre" and "Scams" by "Chanic"? also caught my eye.  Apart from Tak the high point has to be Paul Ashley Brown's "Life Drawing Class" a 9 page epic -well, for PAB it is.  I think if I had to recommend this book it would be for the Tak and PAB combo but there was nothing really awful in the comic.  I just find I'm getting harder to impress.

Also, don't be surprised if people do not buy because it says "catalogue" on the cover.  Bad move.

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