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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

CAPTAIN V –Singapore’s “Robin Hood” Crime-Fighter.

While on the new sadly defunct singaporecomicsonline site, a member ("poopoo") referred to a Singapore super hero comic of circa 1986 -this date may not be 100% confirmed.

The comic in question was CAPTAIN V!

CAPTAIN V was the "scientific experiment" of DR EVIL and at the time he was working for the Singapore Police Force. The good Captain was super fast (but not Flash standard fast?), very strong and bullet proof thanks to his costume.

As is always the case, Dr Evil had an hidden agenda and went into hiding with his "experimental formulas" (so we assume CAPTAIN V was the human result of scientific enhancement).  Obviously, this could not be allowed and so Captain V was assigned the task of stopping his mentor.   


CAPTAIN V #s 1 & 2

Thanks to "poopoo" I have two cover scans (very low res) of CAPTAIN V and a rough guide to the two stories.


The Cat, alter ego unknown, was a poor man whose family and acquaintances looked down at him because of this.  His girlfriend's father also objected to him because he was poor; although facing many problems, his girlfriend loved him and financial difficulties meant nothing to her [aaaah,true love!].    

While taking his girlfriend home there was an accident and she died instantly.

From this moment on the poor man began to act eccentrically;he stole money from rich people while disguised as The Cat and handed it out to the good,poor people.

Obviously, the law was not going to  allow this! One day The Cat was confronted by Captain V but the pursuit was temporarily stopped when the Singaporean 'Robin Hood' threw his "Cat-o-nine tails" (a bolas type weapon) and Captain V got caught up in this....

But, as far as I am aware, the Cat was never caught -it was an on-off chase type scenario.  I suspect that, like Robin Hood, no one really wanted to see The Cat behind bars -a 'crook' but not a crook.


Well,Dr Evil was bound to cause problems sooner or later and he created a very major problem for the good Captain in #3!

Dr Evil created a Captain V clone -but one much stronger! 

Imagine the shock of Singaporean citizens when,without warning,the upholder of justice is seen robbing a goldsmith and jeweller -and then escaping at incredible speed.

The national hero has betrayed justice:Captain V is a wanted man!

Don't panic! 

One day, while committing a robbery the double Captain V is confronted by the real hero! A battle ensues and, I assume, the villain is defeated!

Yes, I know the baddie Captain V has a different coloured costume....just go with the flow!

And when we read "clone" it does not necessarily mean Captain V was human as we hear a lot about "cloned devices and apps" these days.  Maybe one day I'll find out.
If anyone can provide more information,better scans or has copies for sale -get in touch!



  1. I have issues #1 and #2. Looking for issue #3.

  2. Good luck with that -I've been looking for ALL the issues for many years and no one in Singapore seems to know what I'm talking about!!