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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A Rather Productive Tuesday

And it was, too!

I went to get my annual diabetes eye-screening ("nothing stands out" I was told -no, it was NOT a reference to my career) but the eye-drops and light blasted into your eyes have an odd effect.  Firstly, I forgot the sun-glasses because any daylight hurts your poor and very bleary eyes.  Of course, as soon as I left the doctors surgery the cloud parted and brilliant sun-shine!!  Not only that but every white van and car in the city seemed to have gone in for an extra sub-reflecting polish to annoy me.

The other odd thing is closing my eyes and opening, for a fraction of a second, I got green skies.  So that is what it'll look like....yeeugh.

Also finished the three pages in which the Chinese heroes are involved in the whole Green Skies event.  "Only three pages??" you say.  This is a BIG book and I want to show characters involved -the India/Pakistan/Bangladesh side of things will also get about three pages -I am fair!

So work is still progressing and I may -may- make my own June deadline.  Who knows!

And I was going to give a call out to some of the countries where we have new views from but I note CBO gets hits from all over the world...I've not noticed Australia or New Zealand appear in the stats, though.  Japan...well, if it ain't Manga...

Today, I start on a new "Vlog" and the back to work.

Now, I need to adjust my neoprene knee supports!

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