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Sunday, 15 March 2015

YAO TING -Chinese Manhua super star?


Based on an article in the TAPEI TIMES,19th July,2004,p.16.


Yao Ting [34] is such a comic star in China that it is not unknown for him to be stopped by fans for his autograph. Yet, outside of the Chinese speaking world, I doubt there are many who have heard of him or seen his work.


He is one of a number of very vocal Chinese comic creators who have definite views on the state of Chinese comics and its future.

Yao Ting believes that

"...many Chinese comics have no real soul and just imitate comics from other countries, but people like me, we really think that our own Chinese heritage is most precious."

Yao further told the Times:

"My ambition, my dream, is to grasp the essence of ancient Chinese history, culture and thought and bring it to the world."

For inspiration, Yao looks at the classic dynastic histories and popular pre modern era novels.


Although I have been looking for some months now, I have been unable to track down Yao's publisher or more samples of his work.

If anyone viewing this site can guide me in the right direction it would be appreciated. Maybe along the way we can also see the work of other contemporary Chinese comic artists.

15th June 2005

You'll note the "June 2005"?  Since that time I have written letters, emails and searched the internet and yet the only English language information I can find on him is.....from my sites.  Or sites that have, uh, "borrowed" from mine.

Seriously, China has great artistic talent amongst its Manhua creators and it needs to promote and push these -we are living in a world where (outside of the UK) comics art and creators are appreciated.

And if anyone has any new information on Yao Ting please get in touch!


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