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Friday, 20 March 2015

Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron - TV Spot 2


ahem. Looks okay I suppose......


  1. Steady on there . Remember your ol' blood pressure . Actually it's Doctor Strange that I'm looking forward to / dreading . I've never seen the character handled in a way that fully convinced me . Maybe I was spoilt , as a child , with Steve Ditko and Gene Colan . I recently rediscovered , after a lengthy tour of Motley Hall , my Marvel Treasury Edition . That's how the comics ought to be reprinted . I made the mistake of buying the Thor Omnibus recently . The colouring was so bright and unsympathetic that it made my eyes ache . It's remained on the shelf ever since .

  2. Hah! Not even the Small Press use that poor quality printing now! It's all got to be bright colours because Disney don't like black and white. With my current migraine and neck-strain I can't read comics anyway! (I'm crying)

    1. Taschen had the right idea of printing from the original pages in their Golden / Silver / Bronze Age DC hardbacks . To our generation , who grew up with them , it just feels right . The latter , I just haven't managed to buy yet . The former two , which I felt were more of my own time period , I snapped up as soon as I could . The age when , as youngsters , we knew the value of a shilling , and the cover of a comic just wasn't a cover without a shilling stamp on it . One can even become nostalgic for seeing that stamp .