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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Some Times someone NEEDS To Tell You....

I can't help but think is being sarcastically rude when I check my online sales....


  1. And the snow lay heavily on the slopes of Brigit Bardot ! Spike Milligan : C 1950s .

  2. As John Schiltz says there's always a bright side to every set of statistics - slopes, indeed ! Anyways. I just put a package in the post for you; it's a bit of a mixed bag but I think you like it - there'll be another letter coming your way soon after that.... as soon as the JW watchers leave me in a bit more peace ! NB I like the new CBO heading -it is GROOVY and so Chinese ! Cool. Oh, and picking up on a past letter bit - the illo of Labbat was rated "Google-Awesome" - really ? Wow. I guess he'll have to do some more work, then !

  3. Deportation can be by ship as a choice, I believe Anyhoo, yes, totalling up ll the views means CBO has been seen by over 3 million now and I want to give up the meaningless stats watching. And I love Chinese comics -if only I could find the pages we did in the 1980s of the Golden Lion and Fire Dragon (probably long lost now). Ah, London and China Town. I think CBO has had two "Google Awesome(s)" and both were by Labbat. Go figure, heh? I've an Alan Class video blog to record later and maybe a Chinese comics one after (IF I am left in peace). Just take care and I'll let you know when the items you sent arrive. Now off to research Chinese ghost and demon stories -a subject I have NO (???) books on. Oy vey.