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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A Green Skies Promotion? I Am Just Not THAT Powerful....yet

Despite what you may hear I DID NOT organise this as a Green Skies publicity stunt. 

Not me. 


March 17, 2015 – Something spectacular has happened today in the realm of space weather. A solar storm has reached the outer atmosphere of Earth with the strongest intensity of this particular solar cycle. This image was taken by the International Space Station and provided by NASA. Quite fitting to have a shelf of green over the Northern Hemisphere on St. Patrick’s Day.

The arrived close to midnight eastern time and quickly grew from a mild storm to a G4-class kp 8 event. In short, these are limits that are needed for an aurora also known as the Northern Lights, to be seen in the mid latitudes. If this was nighttime, we would see them in Maryland. So maintaining this intensity into this evening would provide the possibility to see them nearby (the passing cold front is clearing out our sky).

Severe Solar Storm: Expected to continue

Below: Skies in Alaska

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