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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Order In Room Oblivion -NOT A Cross-over Comic!

So why have I not reviewed the new books?

(1) I just really could not be arsed to.

(2) I decided to tidy up and organise my shelves more.

A lot better.  Annuals more organised so that I can get my Sub-Mariners, Invaders and Day of Judgement (I got the title wrong in the last post!) onto one shelf -the one with the Cyberman. My volumes 2-on of The Avengers are on the shelf below. and opposite. They need organising and putting in order.

Below, a wider shot. Not a box in sight!

And the doorway shelves -top my Essentials and below Avengers volume 1 comics and collections (Marvel Masterworks).  Below that the Avengers Essentials and trades and my gorgeously lovely and wonderful Essentials Dr Strange 1-4 and some 1970s Marvel comic paperback books and B&W digests (UK).

Not seen here is the shelf below with my Marvel Graphic novel (what I'd call comic albums) series - Revenge Of The Living Monolith, Emperor Doom, Dr Strange, Killraven, etc.. Also my cover-less but treasured Steranko History of Comics and some Marvel Treasury editions.  Also all my Paul Ashley Brown zines, Jessica Bradley-Bove collection (WONDERFUL stuff!), books and zines by Vanessa Wells, Donna Barr, Roberta Gregory, Willie Hewes, et al.

Other side of he door my JLA, All Star Squadrons and other DC Showcase Presents books plus my Mighty Crusaders, The Fox and 1960s Mighty Crusaders and The Fly comics...and the black and white Vampirella collection from...Harris?

And am I tired after all of this?  Yes.  Time for a bath and then checking You Tube -there is a new Ashens video and I might watch more Knighthood and Decoy - you have never checked the Multiverse channel you really should!

Nighty-night, all!

Ps. Another mistake in that last post.  I forget I had EIGHT boxes of UK weekly comics stored in another room and four another.  I am old.


  1. Hello Tel . Yeah , I did the same . . . and then , untidied it all again . I blame Sepp ! I have a great deal of Bib's collection by the way . Most of the comics related material were sold at auction . It's a shame that there were some I remembered and would have liked to buy for old time's sake . Some I did get hold of in our special Inklings meetings were a surprise however . It doesn't seem over a year since his passing . My caring role and , then , subsequent illness put paid to a lot that I would have liked to have done over the years which I feel very sad about . I very much miss and missed working together . Doing stuff with him , when I could , was a very special time .

  2. A year already? Time passes. Best to keep any personal info off Comments -just email me!