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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Mr India? The Indian Superman?

I keep hearing the comic 'experts' ("X" = The Unknown and "spurt" is a drip under pressure) mention that there was an India made Superman film in the late 1970s or early 1980s and that trying to find info on these -let alone images- has proved impossible.

So, allow me educate you. The Indian Superman was made in 1987 and has a release date of 31st December,  and starred Urmila Bhatt, Birbal, Dharmendra, Puneet Issar.  The movies credit Siegel and Shuster as creators of the character.

Before you ask, as IPC and Fleetway top management told me over and over "India doesn't recognise copyright"  -very long story but let's not go there!

Looking around I have just found which refers to the movie and here's a link:

Here are some stills from my now defunct India Comics file.

The other character that the 'experts' seem to have trouble locating information on is Mr India.  Well, there was a movie and picture comic based on that.  However, years before Tulisa Comics had a Mr India comic and I think somehow he channelled spirits (of India?).

My notes are scribbled and I can't read them all.  I do, however, have some scanned images which I offer here for your delectation!

And the movie?  In it the character seems to be an ordinary heroic man looking after break-dancing orphans.....yes....anyway, he can turn invisible.  So that does not look like a comic adapted into a movie (I've only seen a couple of scenes not the complete movie).

Mind you, the young lady on the dvd cover looks very nice...sigh. Back to drawing comics!'s a funny old business.

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