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Friday, 14 August 2015

Another UK Paranormal TV Show NOT To Be Made -maybe I should try Europe?

Right, I have to report that the latest company that wanted to do a series on anomalous observational phenomena -sea creatures, UFOs, ghosts, etc., have dropped the ball.

I was told that it would be serious, skeptical but if something was unsolved it would be called so. Great.  But now I'm told the whole thing needs re-thinking.  Sound effects added to make things spooky and various visual effects.


I said "no" and was told without myself and my files "it just can't go ahead".  But the insistence was that "We need to be more sensationalist like other paranormal TV shows to draw people in" -what I was promised it would NOT be.

So "Pursuing The Strange & Weird" will not be made -I just got the email.

Any serious production companies are still welcome to get in touch.


  1. bugger - that would've been good

  2. meh. I know TV people. It was going far too well. But I have plans. I WANT money!