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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Karma. It Pays Back -Right? 噶。它收回成本 - 右?

I would like to briefly answer a couple of questions that were asked quite seriously.

First, though -WHO are all these people reading the Chinese posting?? China isn't registering and neither is Singapore.  Ahhh. A mystery.

Anyway, I was asked, after being told how my name is being vilified in UK comic circles!), whether I had ever thought to just "keep quiet" and say nothing.  "Go with the flow and take the work, money and back-stabbing" in UK comics?  "Wouldn't it have made your life easier?"

Well, yes. It WOULD have made my life much, much easier. However, I was not brought up to sit back and watch people ripped off, lied about, harassed and to support crooked practices. It has made me enemies (with tiny minds) and, yes, I know I am not going to get rich on comics now, but, as I sit here trying to balance bills I know that at least I have good karma....that pays back later, right?

I am who I am.

 我想简单地回答了几个问题都是非常严重的。这 首先,虽然-谁是这些人看完中国发布?中国不登记也不是新加坡。唉唉。一个谜。 反正我是问,被告知怎么我的名字被诋毁英国喜剧界后!),我是否曾经想过,只是“保持安静”,说什么。“顺其自然,走的工作,金钱和背刺”,在英国的漫画?“那岂不是取得了你的生活更轻松?” 嗯,是的。一定会成为我的生活非常非常容易。但是,我没有从小就坐视人扯下,谎报,骚扰和支持歪的做法。它让我的敌人(与小头脑),是的,我知道我不会得到丰富的漫画了,但是,当我坐在这里试图平衡账单我知道,至少我有好人缘....即收回成本后,对吧? 我是我是谁。


  1. nice to see you're wearing glasses to protect those eyes,Terry. And they look cool, too ! Someone is reading the Chinese posts... maybe Chinese living abroad ? Enjoy the karma, man.....isn't that a brand of beer ? Karma light...it makes everything look better ? Nono. That's Brazil's Brahma beer.
    Hmm....now I'm thinking of it, maybe I should have a beer...it'll make things look better. Thanks for that advice, Terry. Also, I was thinking - shouldn't VULCAN have a reprint going ? A lot of the material in it seems to have been classic ( sadly I didn't the read the comic myself, though I do vaguely remember reading some Trigan Empire... ). Anyway. Wittering. Talk to you later.

  2. Vulcan contained reprints nothing new -Robot Archie, Steel Claw,Trigan Empire and so on. In Kobra they added more UK strips from sports and adventure. So you were bound to have seen one or more at one time! DON'T touch alcohol. Not since 1985...and with diabetes I would NEVER chance it! Glasses are loarger than I thought -with my eyes I misread the size, still, big enough for me not to lose them...easily.