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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Ahem. Yes, I Can Be Naughty At Times. A Bit Of A Round Up

Just ordered 4 copies of Defective Comics from Mr Brown. No one else may have the gumption to buy copies quickly but I'm getting them as fast as I can.

I got a message on my Yahoo group about the Comics Crisis post.  Seriously? Comment on this blog here -it's why it has Comments. But, yes, that was my last post on Marvel and DC -that does not exclude me commenting on any news, though.  Just not writing about how dead both are -people are still interested in comic news, though.

Reminds me. The Penguinflight Osaka title Come On! Comic might interest collectors who are interested in a comic that should be worth more than a Marvel or DC in 5 years.  They are strictly limited low number print runs so once gone that's it.

I have tried -again- to solicit a response from Olivier Cadic regarding Cinebook's future.  Nothing. The opinion seems to have been formed, based on recent remarks from Cadic, is that he will be packing up the company but then it gets confusing.  Is the intention to base the company back in France and publish from there or just run the company down?

Currently based in Kent, Cinebook the 9th Art reprints Franco-Belgian comic albums in English but one person thought that this might be a problem if based in France.  It shouldn't be because of the nature of what they do.  However, that is a nice big chunk out of the local economy for Kent and the UK and the UK tax office will lose out, too.

This will probably mean more jobs gone -more to add to the huge number already preparing to lose or who HAVE lost their jobs thanks to the idiots who voted Brexit. I doubt very much that Mr Cadic will be in touch since he does not seen to have a very high opinion of the British at the moment.

Carlisle Minicon has happened. According to one trader:

"Carlisle Minicon was fun.....but dismal.....well done Carlisle Minicon for being the first event where we sold absolutely nothing. Dreadful promotion, borderline imcompetent organisation, no real thought given to audience other than anime for the music that roared from one stallholder, well, I can listen to OSTs as much as any others but obscure anime soundtracks don't appeal to mass audiences...they drive customers out..."

The next big event "Up North" will be Emporium: Sci-Fi & Collectibles Fair to be staged at the Lazerquest Carlisle centre. 18th September 11:00 -17:00 hrs.

Their Face Book page is here:

Apparently Chang3lings and MyExcess comics will be there so worth noting in the diary!

So there is your up-date.  I now need to go put more eye-drops in.

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