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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

German Comic Events, Foreign Comics and a bit more (I'm bored)

Yes, CBO total views up to tonight stands at 2, 382, 189 while Google+ view have shot up to 3, 116, 670 and I am aware that views from feeds to other sites total way past that.

Here is the thing, though. All these figures are just a confusion to me. Also, I don't really want to spend time checking them all because I'm not that obsessed with figures. What I will do from now on is only go by the Google+ and CBO figures.  Those are the "official" ones to me.

Yes, I got bored. I can tell you that the number of countries viewing CBO today stands at (22:50hrs BST) 41.

Not bad.  Just need to get rich now!

I have posted the German videos looking at Erlangen. I have to admit that it looks very impressive and the art displays are cool. This is what a big UK event should look like. One day I'm heading there even if not to sell books.

Comics should interest you even if you do not understand the language they are written in. A good story, drawn well, should explain what is going on to a person holding it -if not the finer aspects of the plot.

Yes, I have Chinese, Russian, Polish, Czech, Finnish, German (lots of) French comics and many others. I'm a comic tart. I love comics. I've wasted 50+ years on them.  I'm beyond saving!

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