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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Let's Hope "Avengers Stand-Off" Is A Good Read!

Hmm. "You don't buy Marvel Comics so what do you know?"  might be someone's response but then they've not read this blog much.

I've not been in a comic shop for...six(?) years now.  Every-so-often if something catches my eye or is going insanely cheaply -I'll buy it.   Those Avengers trades (Avengers World), etc. I still do not know who sent them but I read 'em.

See, Avengers Stand Off.  Hardcover. 416pp for a one off £20.  I'm not dumb enough to say no to that since that's what 4(?) standard monthlies will cost you in the UK now.

I'll read it.  A comic is a comic. And it shows me what's going on.

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