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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Gone...But Un-noticed.

Did you miss CBO ?  No?

Want an explanation? I pulled the plug to see what I need to do when I close CBO so it helped me work the technicalities out and gave you a glimpse of the internet without CBO. Made no difference, did it?

Flogged my guts out but it is odd that all the vindictive nastiness, lies and attempts at bullying (like that was going to work) of the ugly, bald headed little 'nice guys of British comics" none of that was a problem or a threat to putting me out of business after a few decades.

Comic buyers delivered the Coup de grâce. 

Seriously. You want your Image, DC and Marvel pap to attempt to be "cool".  More and more 
Independent Comic publishers have vanished because geek "fan boys" really have no interest 
in the comics medium -comics are like the Hipster beards and hairdo. Those "trendy" and "retro"
spectacles. Or claiming "I am a feminist" which is kind of like "Oh, I have a black friend".

Well, you'll wander off to some other fad and you'll leave behind you the excrement of DC, Marvel 
and (to an extent) Image. Remember: If DC and Marvel are feeling the squeeze because of their
own stupidity and greed the Independents, because the pretend fan boys/girls jump to the DC
and Marvel insults, well, those Independents are going to go.

From, not just myself, but all Independent Comic Publishers (anyone even notice their going out 
of business?) I would like to offer a sincere 'Thank You'. 


  1. I just checked in and now I notice. I tried to check on the Golden Age pages but I'm 'permission denied'. OK. I see. I'll get back to doing what I'm doing and contact you later.

  2. Personally, I didn't notice CBO was down but that was because I (and 100s of others) are busy doing other things , sometimes I don't have time to visit sites for weeks/months due to work commitments, long hours (15 hour plus days not getting paid for that either) and other things take priority, family, football team lol for my, and others , spare time.

    Speaking only for myself I only visited CBO as I was only looking for a blog that discussed comics I saw your article on Alan Class and Mighty Crusaders which I love a my interest is 90% on 1960s/70s comics pretty uninterested in new stuff - .I am not a "comiker" etc and I would say that the vast majority of you amazing million plus visits are the same. You have a great resource here but It should only be a comic news site I think that way you would get advertising ( sorry but as you said yourself people do not visit here to see/ buy Black Tower comics) - thats not meant to be cruel Its jut that you are very obviously frustrated with things (understandably) but looka the massive plus a site gettign millions of views - wow

  3. Ben -only reason I actually made CBO go live again is because I have a commitment to you and publicising Come On! Comic. The other blogs are gone. Doubt I'll bring them back BUT if there is something you want to check on I'll add the View permission. ;-)

  4. Ben -try UK GA and British GA blogs -you should be able to view them.