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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Defective Comics

 If you really want to buy a book that will be rare and therefore a good investment and have a story behind why it is rare -this is it.  Word on the grapre-vine is that DC are about to threaten legal action to stop this loving parody.

Buy quickly because lawyers work fast on high salaries!

Defective Comics
Writer: Peter (The Golden Wonder Boy) Lally
Art: Paul (Bat-Probe) Brown

According to Mr Brown: "Hallo Tel
um, it's £3 + £1 p&p. Paypal me at, with your address. Isn't that enough eh? They'll also be on sale at the Bristol Comic & Zine Fair on October 1st. & The Leeds Zine Fair on 10th Sept. Hope that helps."

 Oh dear. I kept hearing Batman's dialogue in Adam West's voice and the Joker's in Mark Hamill's. Naturally, we all know whose voice Robin had -?

I reviewed the last hilarious outing of this creative duo back in 2010 -Donald Hamilton: Mind Your Manners, which looked at the sad story of a former TV icon and his fall from grace...hilariously. Sadly, the review was on the old CBO and not on Blogger.  However, Comic Reader recommended it:

This is a darker, jaded Batman who might be described as "very weary" and angry. Quite, quite Bat-angry.  Look at that Front cover. Bloody "Hoodies".  But then, Aquaman seems almost on the verge of a breakdown while Robin...well, Robin apparently has a nice arse but cannot get a girlfriend though he does get his bum pinched a lot if he goes into bars.  ahem.

This was all rather fun and the ending sees everyone happy except, maybe, Commissioner Gordon. Lovely solid negatives (Holy black and white art done proper!). This is The Killing Joke as Moore should have done it and very relevant at the moment. Hoy -Moore: read this and see how fun comics with "social comment" should be done.

Lally does not produce enough scripts but that could be because he is living "outside the system" in Berlin and on the run from Opus 21 hit-squads -you did read my review of that, right? Here:

But when "The Golden Wonder Boy" teams up with Paul (Bat-Probe) Brown it all clicks together to make a great, and very funny read.  Add to that the quality of printing by Pat-Print Prods (my scans aren't doing it justice) and lovely thick and almost glossy interior pages -it's pure quality.

People: this is what Small Press comics should look like.


  1. About 22 years ago I was drawing a strip in a low budget small press thing called Defective was a Twin Peaks kinda thing...great fun....and no I don't have any copies of them...would love to see them again and cringe at how bad the art is though :)

  2. I have copies of some of my old stuff and every so often I deliberately make myself cringe! I think there were quite a few Defective Comics over the years!