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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Yes. My LP

Or Long Playing record. Before Punk days and the vomit green flexi disc of "****! ****! ****! And If You Don't Like That **** You You ****!" (shortened to "****!"). I had beautiful hair and a beard.  It was the early 1970s.

Let's see you come up with my Punk name and only flexi disc!

Never realised my nose was that crooked (from wrestling).  Now I see it but I was sooooo beautiful back then!

Still had that jacket in '82!  But the hair got cut for a wedding.

Go on, it is obvious: which one is me??


  1. In the photo you are fourth from the left in the front row. Your punk name was 'Tyre Iron'
    Do I get a no prize ?