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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Jared Leto Despises Suicide Squad Movie?

The big problem is that movie studios still think they are in the 1960s (at the latest) where they can tell stars "Say anything and you are ruined in Hollywood!"  Actors are not willing to spend weeks filming and say "The studio knows best".

Put in a lot of work and they hack and slash what you did....well, you'd get pissed off.  Fair enough. Uh, but Leto hasn't even seen the movie?  So how does he know -unless he's discussed the movie with people who have seen it?

Basically, it's an internet news story.  No substance.  For a story to have substance the question should have been asked: "HOW do you know anything about your final partt in a movie if you have not seen it?"

Fills a Sunday 2 minute slot!

Gregory Wakeman at Yahoo News

Jared Leto Reportedly Feels ‘Tricked’ By Suicide Squad

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any worse for ‘Suicide Squad’, Jared Leto has reportedly told a group of Thirty Seconds To Mars fans that he feels “tricked” by the film.
Over the last few days Jared Leto has been at the second annual Camp Mars, a camp-themed mini-festival held in Malibu, California held for fans of the band, which he’s been posting about on Twitter and Instagram.
The Oscar-winning actor’s alleged thoughts on ‘Suicide Squad’ were recalled on a Jared Leto fansite on Tumblr, via Batman-News, who wrote that Leto told attendees he felt  “sort of tricked into being a part of something that had been pitched to him very differently.”
The piece went on to add that not only was Leto “overwhelmed by all the hate regarding the look and choices” but that he believed Warner Bros would create a more artistic film.
But it’s still hard for Leto to know exactly what he despises about ‘Suicide Squad’ because he’s yet to actually go and watch the film after becoming disheartened by all of the cuts to the Joker’s scenes.
Leto allegedly also revealed that Warner Bros made him sign a contract that stopped him from partaking in the likes of rock climbing and other dangerous activities to prevent injury. 
Leto is believed to have responded to this part of his contract by yelling “f*** ‘em,” and then presumably taking part in them anyway.
During an interview on BBC Radio 5 Live earlier this month Jared Leto insisted that he’d shot a plethora of scenes as the legendary villain that were eventually left on the cutting room floor, even going as far as to insist “there’s probably enough footage in this film for a Joker movie.”

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