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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Rebellion And That Archive Acquisition

Apparently, Rebellion simply took the opportunity to buy up what they could.  There is no game plan or anything formulated yet.

Here is what they told me:

"Hi Terry
Thanks for your email! We have yet to formalise our plans for the IPC Youth Group archive, but please find enclosed our official press release about the acquisition.
All the best,
Michael Molcher
2000 AD publicity and marketing"

I should note that for decades there has been a VERY strong Misty fan club but Rebellion is publishing a Misty book which, I assume, kills of the fans Misty Specials?  Also, Hibernia were publishing reprints of Doom Lord and Hook Jaw, etc., so I'm guessing that is killed off now?

Empire building?


  1. Hey, this is comics. Yeah, Egmont MIGHT have screwed me over but that depends on whether they sold CHARACTER rights rather than reprint but....Is "fuck" a Japanese business term??