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Monday, 29 August 2016

It's the 1st September...No. It's 29th August..

Last month saw CBO get over 36,000 views. Because Blogger is based in the US there is an anomaly. It is only the 29th August in the UK yet Blogger stats classes it as 1st September??  So the stats for 'this month' are 30, 467 views (I'll check at Midnight BST).

On Google+ total views now stand at 3, 113, 965 which still puzzles me because I had thought CBO would hit the 3 million mark before Google+.

Weird world of the internet.

And a book has been sold on  Yes, look at those profits!  Believe it or not I will be paying US taxes on this but no idea what that'll leave me with. I'd still say "Thank You" to whom ever it was purchased the book, though.  And it gave an amusing page graphic (if you have a dirty mind).

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