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Friday, 19 August 2016

Spiderman Reboot (yeah, another) and Mary Jane is ...BLACK (or, actually, she might not be)

Hmm. USA Today is obviously not reading Twitter!

According to the headline of  's piece:

Twitter is thrilled by the prospect of Zendaya's role in 'Spider-Man'

Twitter definitely likes the idea of Zendaya as Mary Jane Watson in next summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.
Social media went nuts Thursday night when industry website The Wrap reported that Zendaya, 19, would play the part of Peter Parker's love interest Mary Jane.
In March, Zendaya was confirmed to take an unspecified role in Sony's major Spidey reboot alongside young Peter Parker (Tom Holland). The movie arrives in theaters July 7, 2017.
The Wrap took the casting news a step further, saying the breakout Disney Channelstar would be playing the famed redhead Mary Jane.
Kirsten Dunst played the Mary Jane role in the first three Spider-Man films. Zendaya, whose father is African American and mother is white, would take this character into a racially diverse direction.
Sony declined to comment on the casting report.
Twitter exploded with the news in a good way."

There we will leave fantasy.  Here we go with the SJW (Socially Justified Warriors). One person wrote that this Di$ney actress playing Mary Jane would be off on continuity.  Poor fella got the full "racist"/"bigot" backlash from one person who did not realise his arguments to make Mary Jane a "person of colour" were racist in themselves...


Right, if aimed at "white" folk it cannot be racist -I forgot.

Another fella yelled that the actress was "too white for blacks" and "too black for whites" -seriously, do these people think about what they are writing?  You see, this is typically SJW. If you mention that a character was a light skinned male with blond hair for 50 years in a comic but now a Di$ney child star is going to take the role and it's an "African-American" actress "Which makes no sense to continuity" -you are a racist. Racist. "But I'm only saying that in comics--" Racist. 

As an aside, I saw something like this the other day. Guy arguing about dumb changes made like Iron Man being a 15 year old Muslim girl and so on and that it just threw out continuity.  Racist. He pointed out that he was not a racist.  "Her skin tone to dark for you?" came a response.  He tried to make the point again by quoting issues and story-lines.  "Always some middle class white bigot around!"  came the response.  Finally, and I was waiting for this, reasonable man wrote: "Fella look at my profile.  I'm black n I work as a trash man".
Anyone remember when poor old Daniel Craig took over the role of James Bond? People tore into him because he was blond and his eyes too light. I wrote when he took over the role but even today people are saying on forums that they are glad he quit -same reasons.

But no one has said which role the actress would play yet. It was The Wrap that stated the character. And, again, as a good few people have asked: "Do we really need another ****ing franchise reboot?" Which is the question. 

By this time, had Sony had any brains left in its collective ass (that is where they keep it?) there would have been a well established Spiderman universe and a good grouping of villains and characters. Instead its reboot, reboot and reboot.  20th Century Fox should have a well established Fantastic Four universe but....let's not talk about that reboot.

Until people realise Hollywood is dead for ideas but just wants to grab their money they will keep on doing crap like this. They know they may make films people hate and ridicule but they make money. It is not about any comic fans.

It is about money.  

Now I have never heard of Zendaya. I really have no interest which of her parents is "black" or "white". To be honest I don't really care about another Spiderman reboot (like I do not care about Superman or Batman reboots) it just seems that SJW are writing the agenda and causing the debate and if you disagree.....


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