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Friday, 26 August 2016

Heads Up...Europe 2017

To be honest I get the feeling that the whole of Europe is pissed off at the UK over Brexit, which has not happened yet (yeah, Trump screwed that fact up, too) and there are legal rulings being awaited to reverse a decision based on an advisory vote and not law.

But it seems our former European friends are taking a dim view of it all. I know that not everyone in the EU is a shallow moron. But there does seem to be a back-lash within comics.  Other industries in the UK have been getting the same.  Thankfully, there are enough comic people in Europe with taste and they visit CBO daily.

Basically, I have emailed (in German and English) German comic events organisers regarding 2017 and getting a table.  Nothing.  Tried asking people over there if they could check...silence.  Which is bloody ridiculous because I get emails all the time asking about UK comic events in areas people intend visiting/holidaying in when they come over from Europe.

The problem is time.  Firstly, I  need to buy in stock and then organise somewhere to stay and travel. As time ticks away there is less and less time for that and means I then have to rule out an event.  As it stands, unless event organisers in Germany settle down and take a deep breath and realise not the whole UK wants out the just doesn't look like I'll get to trade at any events.

That is an "heads-up" just in case.

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