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Monday, 15 August 2016

Will You Miss CBO When It's Gone?

I won't.


  1. Well, I felt sure that one day CBO would hit 3 million views but it was Google+ that hit that number and went beyond it. I don't really care about the stats and CBO was mainly to help promote Black Tower books and comics (and other stuff) I liked. My QRD interview posting just shot up even higher in the views list -#1 for over 24 hours. My online store? ZERO sales. Its a LOT of work for absolutely nothing. I can keep this all in my head. There's always Face Book!! Having said that, the AOP FB received absolutely no views so....

  2. The GOLDEN AGE page - which you closed some months ago - received 60 views in the last week ( I was checking and excluding my views ). Post something on it, and see what happens...
    I think small comics will be viable. Anyway. Off to bed - early start tomorrow. G'night.

  3. Hmm. People take but that's it. 60 people buy one of my books I'll be interested. Over 5 million post views since 2011 sales.