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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Marvel Announces Its First Black Female Creator -Such IMPORTANT news it took a week or two to get mentioned.

My jaw opened so much when I yawned that I think I broke it.  She's "Black".  She's Female. OMG...her family name is Gay -someone at Di$ney probably wet their pants when they ticked off three boxes.

Remember that SJW video I posted by Howlermouse?

If like me you couldn't care less about the latest Di$ney....oh who cares?


Marvel has announced at San Diego Comic Con, that they will have their first black female comic book writer… ever!
Roxane Gay is currently writing a collection of Short Stories called Difficult Women, and has written several novels, including one called An Untamed State that will have a movie adaptation released in 2017. Regardless of the projects on her plate, she asserted that she could not turn down the opportunity to work on this book. She stated:

“The opportunity to write black women and queer black women into the Marvel universe, there’s no saying no to that.”

Incidentally, a couple people have already said "So what?" and been "bullied" online as racists wanting to suppress black creators, female creators and "ethnic minority progression in the industry". A couple even got blocked for daring to challenge their accusers. 

Accusers who obviously (though a couple say this is "my industry") have no idea that there have been "black" creators in comics.  Who have no idea that there have been female creators at Marvel and DC in the past. And no idea that there have been gay creators in comics in the past -those they worked with keeping that quiet because at the time it was illegal to be gay.  But these "minorities" were all there and working away in comics.

Do you know what? I could not give a fucking shit if you are male, female, "Black" or "White", Gay, transgender or a flying purple cucumber eater.  What I care about is if you can write and draw comics. End of story.  This is my industry (if you can call it that) and I know it's history you Self Justified Wankers Warriors.

Hey -I'm from Bristol.  Name a famous Bristol comic creator: I'm a minority so go by my books and promote me like crazy....unless you are suppressing my minority?

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