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Monday, 15 August 2016

Marvel Comics Rant # 2: If SJWs Actually Read Comic Books

Right. I've posted this video because it is someone who, like many -many- others, has been saying what I have about Marvel comics.

According to some figures it looks like the comics price hike for the UK has seen Marvel comic sales drop by around 75% which is bad.  But it is not just due to the cover price because I've seen bloggers and vloggers who have been comic fans -Marvel Comics fans- for decades dropping that companies titles to the point of only having two or one title in their pull (standing order) lists.

Some have now dropped Marvel because they are fed up with reboots and the company's (Di$ney's because that is what Marvel is) attitude to long term fans to "Like it or f*** off!"

Watch this video and it will explain a lot -things I've been writing about and the idiots keep saying "bull-shit!" to.  It is not just me.


  1. interesting. The guy basically is saying that new readers are too few and that older readers are being turned off ( Something I'd agree with ). Remedy ? Not a re-boot - but making some new characters with artists that have their own styles ( with some emotion in them - the problem I've seen with the few new titles' art I've checked out - beautiful, but cold and 'samey' ) and writers who not only have new ideas but love the characters they write. My 10 cents. Off to bed

  2. This might be an advert for Defective comics.

  3. Well, Howlermouse liked my piece on Marvel's new signing. Basically, readers who have been with Marvel for decades (me from 1967 on) and who used to buy every monthly -we have nothing now. Marvel (Disney) has no interest in long term fans. Its the fast buck. Archie comics had a gay character so in jumps DC then Marvel (in the 1980s they STOPPED John Byrne from portraying Northstar as gay). Gay weddings everywhere. DC decided lesbians are good for sales BUT they are NOT allowed to get married in comics. Archie had that character having an affair with a disabled woman...DC? Marvel? Nothing. And reboot ad nauseum means these are NOT the characters. yes, bring in some new ones but seriously. The new readers are the hipsters who buy to be cool or have no attention span to build up an emotional link with a character. Who cares if the character dies -he/she will be back in a reboot. And SJWs...really, they have NEVER read a comic.