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Friday, 19 August 2016

Views 1st -19th August -The Much Needed Up-Date!!

Right, that jumble of Stats figures meant nothing to me but it's now a new day and I have my calculators.
Total views of CBO from 1st-19th August are: 22, 729.  Total page views for July totalled 36,713. To yesterday's total I can add another 1, 079.
I think I've written before that CBO is odd when it comes to views. Blogging I think of British Summer Time (BST) so I post at 21:30 hrs. In Abu Dhabi the time would be 00:30hrs. In Adelaide 05:30hrs.  Osaka, Japan, 05:00hrs.  There are various US time zones varing from UK time by 4, 5, 7 and 8 hours. Shanghai + 8 hours; Shenzhen +7 hours. Riyahd +2 hours.
I'm going to try to "rest" (who sleeps? That is soooo 1986!) and in another part of the world someone is waking up ready for work.  Elsewhere someone is having lunch. Another location it's tea time -evening meal.  Somewhere people are in a hot, swear filled nightclub having their ear drums mashed.
So, "24 hours on CBO" is not that straight forward -whose 24 hours -in places Tuesday in the UK is Monday or Wednesday.  I think the internet must have a site or page explaining all this -hasng on....
Sorry for the delay (ahem).  Yes, here you go: 
Also, do not get me started on national festivals or religious days -in some countries during these internet usage drops.  In others it increases.
This I realised months ago which is why I say the daily stats are deceptive.  A month ago I posted something at 03:00 hrs (it was a rough night -rumours of a vampire dressed in hat and long black coat wandering the area. I was out several nights and saw nothing to....oh crap) and views shot up and checking the "Now" viewing option I found that the views were from countries where it was morning or afternoon -if you were one of those viewers I do hope you were not at work? Don't you get paid enough??
So I go by the monthly stats total which varies from 36-55,000 a month.
I hope that interested someone and explained all those little intricasies of blogging....sorry. Fell asleep there!

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