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Sunday, 14 August 2016

It's Sunday. Time To


  1. Nice to see some Thinkers up there. Thanks. You know - I thought it was obvious, but my daughter, who is as smart as a whip, didn't catch it, so maybe I should say; in RADIO - the 'joke' is : an anagram of HUMANITY is A TINY HUM. Literally, that's all we are. I hope that anyone reading this now appreciates the humour. Cheers, Terry. Off to the crypt.

  2. While I'm on it.. the slightly heavier inked letters in the 'bad' list spell out HUMANITY - albeit in a jumbled order. Anyway. That's me. Cheers and goodnight.

  3. My attitude to two certain elements of "humanity" -one in front and one to the side- is that I'd sooner punch their teeth in. But we must remain "polite" mustn't we?