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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Lost Art Found -Hong Kong Super Heroes

I posted this last May of last year and I only just found it again -CBO is getting too big. However, found them and a tatty old copy of one of the pages with notes on the back.

I know I was in contact with a HK publisher but the note says "Mr Y" and that's all I remember. But it also had guidelines for the colour version of the strip.  I have no idea whether I did a colour version as back then I was colouring a lot for submission to German companies amongst others.  

Anyway, as we have a lot of views from Hong Kong I thought "Why not?"
Well, I've managed to -painfully- draw a good few pages for The Green Skies over the weekend and am just working on the expanded German section.  So I want to get back to that.

However, John Schiltz -I posted some of his D-Gruppe pages a few days ago- has come up with a surprise.

Anyone remember me writing that Ben Dilworth and I had once drawn a couple Hong Kong super hero pages?  I don't think it was actually a full story just messing about one weekend while he was in Bristol. I've not seen those pages for years. Lost.

But no longer lost!

Mr Schiltz has found the two pages and I've given them a quick touch-up (ooh!) so, for Mr Dilworth -here you go!

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