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Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Still Impossible To Find DR LEUNG'S COMICS

No matter where or whom I ask I get blank expressions. No one has ever heard of these.  But one day...somewhere....

I came across a copy of 4D MONKEY quite by accident while browsing through boxes of old comics in Bristol's AREA 51 shop. It was in a sealed bag for the meagre price of 25p so I grabbed it!

Sadly,some moron had clipped out various bits from the interior,ruining the comic.

However,it is a very nice, futuristic, space version of Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy that many of us will be familiar with via the TV series and tales. 

Yin Fei -The Chinese Ninja gets involved in the mystery of the "Ghost Village"! 

Another accidental find in AREA 51 but I'd love to know how it got there;I don't recall ever seeing Dr Leung Comics during the late 1980s Jademan inspired explosion....someone's comic picked up on holiday?


I thought that I would like  to get the rest of the issues in this series.  The only online source -the USA. To get five different issues would cost me $7.00 not bad. 

It's the $50 total postage that makes me scream

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