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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Existential Crisis over Suicide Squad

I think she is going through a crisis BUT, as I've written before, others are going through this and it's because Warner don't care.  They only want to see $s the same as Di$ney BUT people are the Marvel Movie Universe seem to know what they are doing. They are looking after the characters (even though they are NOT the comic book characters they were based on) and they try to get fan support.

Tom Welling turned around a TV show I hated -Smallville. He introduced the Justice Society, Hawkman, Aquaman, flash, Arrow, Zatanna and others.  All -all- the groundwork for a movie universe was laid including Superman -and the show was seen around the world and still is so THERE is your core to build from.

No. They then get a new TV Green Arrow or Arrow or whatever and a new Flash...neither of whom will jump from their establishing TV shows -SEEN AROUND THE WORLD- into the movies.  So Warner thinks "What's making Marvel movies so successful?" and they make a mess because they think they've worked it out.  This is what DC Comics did in the 1960s when Marvel was kicking their asses.  "Marvel has a gorilla on the cover!" so DC comic covers feature gorillas.  "Marvel had more red on the cover" and so on and on.

You need a DC Movie supremo. He oversees and guides movies along a path similar to what Marvel movies did.  No studio jumping in to chop up scenes.  I'd have said let Affleck direct but guide how the movies go.  Put him in charge or anyone who knows the characters and who will get fan support.

CG19....well..."harsh language" warning!

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