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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Here is how it has worked out....

You ask WHY I have a date set for closing CBO -which gets thousands of hits but earns and does nothing for me?

Firstly, as I've written before, I am not giving the closure date that is set in my mind.  You'll just see an advert for Black Tower and that will be the last thing posted.

I've gone over CBO viewing figures so that's boring. I just assume people coming here are playing at being trendy comickers and simply want to see everything for free but not support the continuation of CBO -that really depended on being able to get book sales so I could afford the time it takes to post daily.

Here's how that has worked out.

I need to get back to trying to save -if that is even possible- my business.  I can't even be bothered asking for some support from the 3-4,000 people who feast on CBO items every day.

Plug gets pulled go find another blog to cater for you.  This is hard and time consuming work.

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